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Taking care of your health, the way of life of Porto Héli

The amanzoé Resort in Porto Heli was built on a former sanatorium in Porto Heli. Why? Just because Porto Heli particularly enjoys considerable sunshine, a dry salty air, slightly iodized and a micro-climate near the confluence of the island of Spetses.

If you or your loved ones suffer from joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis and allergies, this area will ensure comfort to better enjoy your life.

Afterwards, there was Greek products, they are numerous and recognized that nutrition is balanced, tasty and high quality health such as:

  • The extra virgin olive oil with 0% cholesterol and the best in the world …
  • Greek yogurt, skim and from  as tradition dictates milk, it appears between 0% and 2% fat …
  • Pomegranate, whose seeds are used in green salads and the juice provides antioxidants known to protect also the prostate in men.
  • Honey, heavily used in many recipes of greek cuisine, this country does not produce sugar beet, we know the benefits of honey in many flavors.
  • Cinnamon, a spice with many virtues ….. benefactors …
  • Oranges and lemons, peaches and apricots, all fruits and vegetables, even the best in local produce
  • Fish, taking care to consume the fresh sins and not those farms for supermarkets …….
  • Greek cheeses, feta but also countless other cheeses made from sheep’s milk ..
  • Beautiful like oregano, thyme, bay leaf herbs, caper ..
  • Wines, more remarkable, they provide a real pleasure and contain vitamins and antioxidants with a wide variety, whites, reds and rosés.
  • Dried fruit, figs, jams exceptional ….

Another aspect of your health, it’s the physical activity! Very importantly, we all need to have a minimum of physical activity every day to enjoy to be in good health . Porto Heli offers it all, with the sunshine, thanks to the soft, warm sea, by foot, horse, bicycle, you are free to live happily  in PORTO HELI.