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Why invest in real estate, especially in Porto Heli ?

In July 1971, President NIXON decreed that the American dollar is no longer tied to gold and money (gold standard parity). Since that time many financial turmoil has made the front pages and misfortune of a lot of people.

Money no longer exists in any meaningful sense, it became a currency. Money could be saved unlike the currency to circulate and be used to help the consumer.
Today, the crisis adds to the savings accounts with a very low interest, savers become losers. No one is immune to devaluation, loss of purchasing power. Important sign, gold is not a safe investment today.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other banking products offer more interest. No control over its investments and no leverage, either. Input and output boards are also calculate and say that the language of the majority is that the more we want to profit, the greater the need to take risks is a serious mistake.

Investing in real estate on the seafront is one of the best choices based on a few important points like:
Good information, knowledge and market trends.
The location of the property and the environment, safety (edges tides have great value and offer capital gains)
Taxation. (Tax benefits).
Controlling your investment and financial leverage ( by doing more with less)
Good competent partners “can not get a good deal with bad partners” Donald Trump.
Define the investment plan – capital gain – ensure cash flow – (or both) and / or investment use for personal purposes.

Why Porto Heli? Simply and essentially for three major reasons:
The beauty of this region and the hospitable reception of indigenous
The sun and dry air, light throughout the year, the sea is exceptionally beautiful and warm.
The scarcity of properties on the market and security and lifestyle in this protected area.