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Real Estate in Greece ...

f58a88_a06b36568bf28ce590d9b0bffca2a7b9With the crisis, the Greek real estate market is now available to lovers of the country.

Recent tax measures forcing many Greek owners to dispose of their property by necessity or to avoid paying more taxes.

For two years, the price of real estate has fallen by 25 to 30% Athens and provincial cities are most affected. The beachfront villas resist a little better, with lower prices that range between 15 and 20%. This allows foreign investors wishing to buy a holiday home or residence in the sun, having a position of strength.

The Greeks have had to clean up the country’s economic policy, today the situation is difficult for all those who put their bank account the benefit of their business, mostly unreported, charged. They must now justify their income and every expense, even in private must be derived from reported earnings.

Legislaton the estate has evolved significantly since a short time and it is possible to ensure désomais its tranquility and avoid any surprises later.

Now your home 100% legal you can enjoy your property. Greece to European agreements Belgian identical rights. The Greek law is similar to French and Belgian law.

You can also buy your property through your company, we have the experience to help you in your efforts and assure you the best advice is to make buying or building your future property.

Property by the sea and keep dévelopera same value, look at the properties in the Gulf of St Tropez, Spain, Italy and you will understand your interest in buying beachfront, Greece. This also allows you if you wish to rent your home at a great price. Do not be surprised if a beachfront villa with 3 bedrooms and pool can be rented for more than € 25,000 for a few summer months.

I invite you to browse sites Aman Zoe, Nikki beach, sites rental property this magnificent area to help you discover the richness and beauty of the place. The social aspect is also important when you want to settle in a country where we can feel isolated, my role is to help you discover the hospitality, the first property in Greece is not a legend.

Discover the properties of the king Wilhelm Alexander, Prince of Orange  King of the Netherlands, one of Mr. Swarovski, Sean Connery or Vladimir Putin ….. and many other less famous but all are eager to keep their paradise away developers.

A new marina will be built  in Porto Heli which already hosts many super-yachts.. Alsa a big project with a beautiful golf will soon building.

Buy your fish directly from the fishermen, gardener for your garden and plantations even if you’re not there, unparalleled service for your pool maintenance, air conditioning or heating, tradesmen supervised and monitored. We have the contacts, addresses, here everything is possible ….. for a very acceptable low cost…..!

This region tantalizing offers direct access by road to the country, no need to ferry, or other means of locomotion to move at your leisure to enjoy your house in paradise.